President’s Welcome.


Dear All,

I am so thrilled to introduce you to the Manchester University Law Society. Manchester breathes innovation and diversity. As one of the most internationally-bound universities in the UK, our environment buzzes with the most vibrant students around the world. Our society reflects this. 

I welcome you to a society who is endorsed in your journey. One which will challenge you academically, enable you to build a rapport with the most prestigious law firms in the country, and most importantly - excite you. 

We know your potential and want to help you live it. Our committee is dedicated to helping you excel in every way. It is our honour to bring you the final puzzle piece of the perfect University experience. We hope you find yourself embedded in the community which MULS seeks to build. Here, you’ll make friendships which last a lifetime.

Get ready for a new and improved law society. One which has evolved along with its members. The perfect balance of work and play exists right here at MULS. Join us for the largest social events on campus, the most engaging career opportunities, and more. All from day one.

MULS President

Wafa Syed


MULS Monthly

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