Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does MULS do?

A: A better question to ask is what DOESN’T the Manchester University Law Society do? In short, we’re here to give you the social experience of a lifetime. We host annual Christmas Dinners, Summer Galas and even more lowkey nights out. But we’re not all play. We’re also dedicated to your path as a solicitor. We aim to give you all the tools you need to be successful in the real world. We do this by hosting networking evenings with the most prestigious law firms in the UK, applications sessions to help you get your foot in the door and even skills sessions. Tune in EVERY WEDNESDAY to develop your career with MULS.

Q: Who can join?

A: Absolutely anyone can join our society, as long as you study at the University of Manchester. Whether you’re a law student, a non-law student wanting to become a solicitor, or just someone who wants to party with us - we’re here welcome you! Memberships are £30 for first year students (this will cover your entire degree). Email to purchase your very own MULS membership.

Q: What does the membership get me?

A: The membership gives you free entry to all of our Career Wednesdays throughout the year. Along with this, you’ll receive extremely discounted tickets for all of our events. We aim to make each event under £15, apart from the Christmas Dinner and Summer Law Gala. With ticket purchases, you’ll often get free food, drinks and entry into an after party! The perks vary for each event so make sure you read those details. Finally, if you sign up to MULS during freshers week… you’ll get free entry into our Freshers Bar Crawl. This is where we’ll take you on a tour to our favourite bars in Manc, all with free drinks of course!

Q: How often do you host events?

A: We host social events at least once a month! Take a look at our calendar for more details.

Q: What are Career Wednesday’s?

A: Each Wednesday, MULS hosts exclusive events with UK law firms. These events are designed to help you drive your career forward. You’ll learn how to network, research, write applications and hopefully secure a training contract! We’ll host unique opportunities such as open days, office tours, firm dinners and skill sessions. Most of these events don’t require tickets, so you can just show up! However, exclusive opportunities such as office tours and dinners have a restriction of how many of you we can bring. For that reason, we ask you to write up a quick application on why you’d like to attend. Don’t be daunted by this! It’s just a formality. You can find out more details about this on our “Events” Page.

Q: Who are your “partners”?

A: MULS partners with the most prestigious law firms in the UK. More details of these firms can be found on their graduate website or The firms who partner with us are interested in recruiting Manchester students for training contracts, vacation schemes, and more. We offer incredible opportunities for you to mingle with these firms and make a name for yourself. Stay keen and ask questions. This is how you’ll find the perfect firm for you.

Q: What is the path to becoming a Solicitor?

A: Before we give you a breakdown of this, we’d like to mention that networking is KEY. In your first year of University you should be researching firms and getting to know them at our events. You can do this my using websites such as Legal Cheek, LawCareersSet or Chambers Student. Each firm has their own personality and it’s important for you to be able to recognise why you like a particular firm. At the end of your first year, it’s a good idea to apply as a Campus Ambassador. In your second year, it’s time to kick it up a notch. This year is all about networking and application writing. Your aim is to secure a Summer Vac Scheme which is a 2-3 week internship at a firm. In your third year, you’ll be applying for Winter/Easter Vac Schemes or Training Contracts. After this you’ll take the LPC (LLB students) or the GLD (non law students). Then… you’re on your way to qualifying as a solicitor!

Q: What is a “City” firm?

A: City firms are based in London. They often deal with commercial matters across multiple jurisdictions. This means that they usually have offices around the world (perfect if an International feel is your cup of tea)! These firms assist their clients by advising them on business strategies as well as legal challenges. Though they almost always focus on financial and transactional matters, they can also be experts in matters such as employment and tax. Each firm has a unique expertise, culture, and competitive advantage which you should familiarise yourself with. You can read more about this on our “Partners” page.

Q: How do I write a good application?

A: This is a difficult question to answer, as all firms look for different soft skills. A good starting point is ensuring you stay commercially aware. You should also come to the career events hosted by MULS every Wednesday. These will help you develop as a student and a potential candidate for law firms.